"I see things you would have nightmares about… hah-.. oh, yeah, I was just joking.”

⋆ Basic Information ⋆

[Name] London Akimasa Clarke
[Nickname(s)] Lou
[Gender] Genderfluid
[Age] 18-28
[Species] Human
[Ethnicity] Mixed; Jamaican and Japanese
[Religion] They believe a higher power may exist, but doesn’t practice religion. Grew up Christian but with Budhist influences too.
[Sexuality] Panoromantic Demisexual
[Occupation] Journalist

⋆ Character ⋆

[Temperament] Melancholic
[Traits] Talkative, Cautious, Thoughtful, Genial, Moody, Considerate, Organized, Dorky-ish, Self-Reliant (despite wanting to be reliant), Obsessive, tends to be discontent due to having high expectations.
[Likes] Aquariums, sea creatures (esp. seahorses and jellyfish), paranormal studies and topics, sci-fi, etc.
[Dislikes] Grapes, Devils Advocate, anything involving swimming, etc.
[Hobbies] Writing, watching conspiracies and paranormal things, they do watch the history channel and read about sea life.
[Passion] Journalism
[Ambition] To rid the world of ignorance as much as they can.
[Other] They have an intense fear of drowning, whether it be in any body of water or in life (aquaphobia and isolophobia). They also have bad coping methods with stress and most negative emotions or situations, you’ll find out.

⋆ Appearance ⋆

[Height] 180 cm
[Weight] 63 kg
[Build] Toned
[Hair] Black/Dark dark brown, springy/coil-like, kind of like a mullet
[Eyes] Dark Brown, monolid
[Skin] Almond, maintained nicely with soap
[Style] A bit “ocean grunge”, depends all on the mood, tends to keep it muted but not lazy
[Other] They always wear a silver chain with some kind of pendant that tells people they know what pronouns to use that day.

⋆ Background Information ⋆

[Backstory] TBA (I’m too lazy)
Mother; A strong Jamaican woman, she does have anxiety and may not have been the most considerate towards her kid, but Lou appreciates her for taking care of them. Not really able to call Lou by their proper pronouns even after three years, is in denial of being transphobic or prejudiced in general. She does try to keep their relationship close though.
Father; A stubborn and arrogant Japanese man, he was very strict, but did try to understand his kid. Avoids using any pronouns and pretends a lot of things about his kid isn’t to be existing, he isn’t supportive but is accepting, which Lou takes as something to be grateful of.
Sister; everything is unknown about her, she never met Lou and nor did Lou meet her. But she is older than Lou by seven years.
Sven; A childhood friend (he is also another OC), is like family to Lou, and they often speak for hours about conspiracies. Depending on the genre setting, their friendship may be deeper or not. He tends to be very protective of Lou, and vice versa.
[Other] Parents aren’t legally divorced but they are separated. If Lou lives at home during the RP, it is likely there will be more family issues in the storyline.

⋆ Extra ⋆

[Genre Options] Either we do modern/slice of life, or supernatural/paranormal. Depending on what we choose will affect their character a little (read below). Other genres included can be romance, suspense, angst, drama, horror, gore, etc.
Modern Setting: Excellent hand-eye-coordination and reactability.
Supernatural/Paranormal Setting: (in addition to modern setting), Sixth Sense, Hyperawareness, Supernatural Detection.
[Note] They don’t smile much, but that smile of theirs is practically a breath stealer.
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