RP Ideas I'd Like to Try

Hey! There are some ideas that I'm DYING to try! Please hit me up if you're interested. I'd also like these to be longer-length. If multi-para isn't your thing, please do not respond.

1. Stalker x Timid witness. The idea is that a murderer is caught by a young woman who flees the murder scene. The murderer tracks her down and stalks her, knowing that he can't have a witness roaming about. To his surprise, she tells no one. She doesn't even tell her dog. From here, his interest is piqued, and he finds himself darkly infatuated with her.

2. Surviving on an island together. Two people crash on an abandoned island and are forced to work together to survive.

This is all I have for now. More will be added later.
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0 | Apr 17th 2020 02:04