While Ting is asleep, he takes HoSeok and walks out to talk to him privately. "We have to decide something...what to do with her."
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Choi_HoSeok "I will make sure to keep my whole evilry and not let a single drop of it dispersing." His muscles consume evil instead of proteins.
"From... the imperial family...? Are you fucking kidding me? The Imperial Family?" He facepalms. "I was wrong then, they won't just kill me and you but our whole families, including that one far cousin who doesn't even know you exist."
He waves his hand off. "It's not that you have to date every person who is cute. You'd have to date me first."
He rolls his eyes. "A beggar? So that she could earn some money."
BangSul "You won't spare me from one drop of your evil." He shakes his head slightly.
"For sure. Have you seen her? She is too princess-like. Wait, you are talking about Ting? I don't know that yet but I will prepare to flee from here in that case. West is good, a lot of forests and water. Want to go?
If I find someone likable, it'll already be a problem. Why the more one tries to escape from something, the more you bang your face against that something?
Are you saying she is more believable as male? Have you seen her? It will depend on the bounty. Hopefully it will be must as accurate as yours!"
Choi_HoSeok "You are totally crazy indeed. For a second I thought you were saying this girl was a princess. That would make us deader than a piece of digested meat. Of course I'm not doing anything with that girl, I'm just a yokel, I sure don't intend to die this young to chase after one pretty girl..." My father would turn me I to ashes if I dated an aunt - he thinks.
"I won't leave the country, they can't kill me that easily anyway."
He shrugs. "Some things simply can't be controlled. No matter how bad you don't want to, they will happen on their own and all you can do is to move with the tide."
He shakes his head. "I don't think she is going to be believable as anything else than what she is."
BangSul "I am, I am aware. Who else would do our job and manage to study at the same time without dying? Only I am crazy enough.
You can, don't shoo away all the joys too. Even if she is not the one, but maybe another person." He shrugs then whispers. "TenZu?
They could make tests and find a way, what do you know? South would be a worse choice, even more sun and heat."
He crosses his arms. "If it happens, I will avoid it anyway." He is more stubborn than a lead in the last episode of a drama where in no way he can be with the other lead in peace.
"It is probably so, she just shouldn't leave this place. She hasn't such a common face."
Choi_HoSeok "That's not what makes you crazy."
He rolls his eyes. "What's this now? Are you trying to get me to date someone? Didn't you hear what I say?! I will survive without dating till I'm at least 16, also since in the past I wanted to date someone really bad and it never happened. I survived just fine."
He snorts. "The only place I'd ever go is Heinmenhos but we are at war." He'd turn into ashes in Krimahad'Ru.
"I don't have a good feeling about this. Better to prepare a plan B, in case things go wrong."