Dahlia Monroe, Ventus' Chosen

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Age: 24
Sex: Female
Species: Demi-Human (Chosen)
Height: 5ft5
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Powers/Abilities/attributes: Chosen by Ventus, the god of the air wind and skies. She has large dragonfly like wings she can retract within her body and use to fly. She also has brilliant affinity for wind magic.

Appearance: She is a young slender demi-human woman. A rare kind of demi-human, she is part dragon fly. She had yellowish skin with tints of peachy orange a stripes on her fore head antennae and her back. She has long Prussian coloured hair and long thin antennae above her deep yellow eyes with enlarged pupils.

Personality: She is warmhearted and playful. She never lets anyone get her down she is full of life and pep. She takes hardships in her bounds with the wind at her step and a gentle breeze in her hair. She is a free and happy soul and not at all serious. She is sociable and easy to befriend her happy go lucky personality and perseverance are unmatched.

Backstory:It is known since the first day of this earth, there are those among the living who are chosen by the god's themselves to act as their emissaries. As they vowed from times of old that they would no long interfere in the worlds they created as it only brought about destruction. Every few centuries a god chooses a creature to imbue onto them immense magical power in order to continue the delicate balance of the world. Or so the story goes. Some believe this as it is written in the religious texts of Mavis, 'The Tome of the Old Gods' Others Scholars and Scientist's alike believe it is one of the magical forces that flow through every thing in the universe that brews so strong it veers from its usual flow and produces its own life creating a creature of immense power. So much so they do not simply tap into the surrounding magical energy they in fact produce it within their own bodies.

After all all females who in history who have become with child due to one of these occurrences tell of a experience that is overwhelming, a flash of energy flowing through every molecule of their being. This seems to happen randomly with no trend other than those who are chosen seem to have to belong to a species who are some what intelligent and as a race have to be able at least in some cases to have an affinity with the magic force of the universe.

Dahlia was born in the south, her mother was a slave. Her mother fell pregnant she was sure that her child was the product of heinous forced relations with her master. But when she saw Dahlia she rejoiced. She was blessed with a girl not of her masters seed but of the god Ventus him self. Ventus' is a god often forgotten about among the humans and elves but the Demi-humans hold him close to their hearts for he represent more than the wind that blows, and the blue sky above their heads. He is the embodiment of freedom the thing that all demi-humans of the land have longed her for so long. With her amazing power she at a very young age managed to free hundreds of her people from the claws of evil slave traders and so called 'masters' in the south. After all she was one of the chosen some of the most powerful beings on this planet, imbued with the power of the gods. She and her demi-human refugees escaped to Relectran where she vehemently fights for everyone's freedom no matter their creed. She has a long way to go, but with her powers, the sky is the limit.
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