Qulendren Trannencyl, Golden Prince.

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Age: 31
Sex: Male
Species: Elf
Height: 6ft1
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Powers/Abilities/Attributes: A magical affinity for the fire elemental magic. Combined with his excellent marksmanship makes hi a formidable foe.

Appearance: Long golden hair that shimmers like molten gold. His face masculine yet flawless., a distinctive brow and jaw line. His eyes a deep yellow. Often found wearing the Armour of the elven royal knights.

Personality: Confident and brave. He has no doubt in his abilities but is not so arrogant as to claim he has no weaknesses. He may act pompous at times but his charm and charisma usually overshadow it. Despite all his macho charm and bravery when it comes to the more tender matters of the heart he is quite clueless.

Backstory: Eldest son to the Elven King of the East. A king who for the most part is hated seen as old fashioned and stuck in his ways. People fear him so they do not speak up against him for fear of losing their heads. However their is hope for the elven royal family yet. First in line for the throne Qulendren a man of honour and bravery a man who much more liberal ideals is a breath of fresh air for most the Elven people. However Quelendren is loyal to his father. And despite Quelndren's disagreements with his fathers ethics he respects him as he is his King and Father. He is too honourable to question his father while he still lives and breathes.
People especially the non elves in the eastern lands long for his coronation, perhaps an end to the elven supremacy, a step toward a fairer land?
But this is yet to pass, his father is frail and old, true. But he is still alive and for aslong as this is true Quelendren continues his duty as prince. To travel the lands and lead the Holy royal elven guard in times of battle.
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