Medieval/Fantasy Plots

The Exiled Princess- In a Kingdom of wealth and privilege all magic is banned. A decision that came to pass because events of malice and evil of those that dwell within the dark. A decision the King regrets when his only daughter starts to exhibit signs of magic use. The misfortune of it all was that his daughter's magic was dark and very unpredictable and quite destructive and despite his queen's pleading.. He locked the child away in a tower where she couldn't hurt anyone... or ever be seen again. The plot could go a few ways... Kingdom could become under attack when dark forces come in to play and the forgotten Princess is their only hope? Could be a childhood friend finally old enough to rescue the damsel in distress.. etc. There's a lot that can be done here. She could even escape and be on the run when she winds up in a neighboring kingdom where a newly crowned young King discovers her to later find out that she's the missing princess from a neighboring kingdom etc.

A chance Arrangement - Things are falling apart in the Kingdom of Norre' Fighting off recent invaders has costed more than the vaults had held and without its wealth, a Kingdom is nothing. However, The King has a single beautiful daughter whom he cherishes of all his earthly belongings... Upon the arrival of her birth, he and a neighboring Kingdom agreed that when she became of age that she would be married off to the neighboring Kingdom's prince and wealth of two kingdoms shared to consummate the union between the two.

Redemption - A magic user, who had always thought her powers were a curse had done her best during her young life to save as many lives as she could but, when helping hands fail to save the life of a child she becomes blamed for that death and persecuted. She was unable to save a young prince and because of it, the King had ordered her to be killed. She ran away and hid away from the world in a remote location deep in the forest. Rumors spread like wildfire, and once again someone is in dire need of saving. This could be her redemption... or a reminder that her magic is indeed a curse.

Slave Princess - A tale of two siblings separated at a young age due to unforeseen circumstances. The young Princess and Prince were fraternal twins and insuperable since birth.One day while playing outside the castle walls catching butterflies the little princess wanders off too far and mistaken for a common child... she was snatched up before her brother could notice she was gone. She was sold off as a slave and over a period of years, and countless attempts by her brother to locate her, she changed many owners, was beaten to the point where she was nearly blind. The Prince hires person after person to scour the lands in order to find the lost princess.. will someone finally fill the role of the hero?
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