Silas Bishop

Name: Silas Grant Bishop

Nickname: Illas


Height: 5’9

Relationship status: N/A

Born: NSW,Australia

Current Location: Los Angeles, California

Family: Natalie bishop, Mark Bishop(deceased)

Current occupation: Ice cream shop worker

Hobbies: Photography, Knitting,yoga

Personality: happy, outgoing ,caring ,friendly

Allergies: deathly allergic to peanuts

Coming from a well off family,he wasn’t always the favorite child in the family, as his parents seemed to care more about their adopted daughter, as he was seemingly left in the shadows,no matter what happened. After his father had passed away, he was amazed that despite the abuse he faced from his mother,while his dad attempted to care for him, he was grateful for the gracious amount of money he was left from his father’s will,which allowed him to leave Australia when he turned 17. After he arrived in Los Angeles, he had no idea what to do,since moving to the states he was annoyed at his mother and sister’s actions towards him,along with his grandparents, since they somehow found out he came into the money. When he came out to his mother and aunt who were then raising him,his mother wasnt as supportive like his adopted sister and the both of them immediately kicked him out and told him not to return as he was told that he was shaming the family after telling her.

A few years later however,hes become used to living in the states,having learned the train system map to get from his apartment to work and back , or anywhere he had wanted to go. Even though he is well off,he has donated some of the money he’s earned in inheritance,he still holds a stable job, unlike what his late friend did. since then hes been working at Mashti Malone’s ice cream , having enjoyed being able to interact with anyone he’s met at work, or while pushing the ice cream cart up and down the street around the business.

He does wish however to be able to move into a house up by the beach, with someone he hopes to call his better half, which proves to be difficult as he hasn’t had the best experiences in dating, or when he’s found someone he has quickly realized that they were with him purely for the monetary gain.
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