Gawain, Punished Samurai

Elemental aspect:Lightning

Gawain is a man living on borrowed time, but that doesn't bother him. He doesn't have the sort of background you'd expect from a criminal:he was raised in a well off family, got good grades in school (God, how long ago THAT was) And spent his young adulthood studying law in hopes of being, as his mother always put it, a "Big shot district attorney". Gawain hasn't Spoken to her in 30 years.

Gawain got a little rowdy in his youth-but it was the kind of rowdy that completely changes your direction. Maybe he gambled a little to much. Maybe he'd rather take on debts from loan sharks than dip into his families fortune and let them find out how bad things had really gotten. And maybe-just maybe, because he wouldn't admit to a single bit of this-Those loan sharks thought he could do an awful lot of good for the local crime family. Gawain was always athletic, and boxed for the fun of it. He just may have been called upon to break some legs for the family. As Gawain tends to say, so it goes.

Gawain eventually got that job as a big shot DA. Settled down, cleaned up on the gambling and decided to have a family. And for 10 years, Gawain was pretty happy. But the underworld has a funny way of remembering things. Despite Gawains work to put things behind him, he'd only replaced his debt with another one-and crime families have a long, long memory. Debts were paid in blood, and Gawain fled the country a broken, husk of a man who couldn't even tell you why he still drew breath.

Life, after his loss, seemed aimless. Years passed and Gawain hadn't known where he was going. His money was considerable and kept him afloat during this directionless period, buying all the smokes and vending machine food he'd need. It wasn't long before Gawain met a blind woman, bumping into her on the way home from the corner store, spilling the contents of her bag on the sidewalk. He offered to help her walk home and found out something pretty interesting-This blind woman was a swordsmith.

There was something captivating about the swords to him-he asked the smith if he could purchase one. She sensed something within him and gave it to Gawain for free-Along with some weapons. Gawain hadn't forgotten how to fight, but the sword was new to him, yet it felt so potent and right in his hands. he sought out those that could teach him more, traveling all over the east, spending decades on his newfound passion.

Incidentally, his most recent teacher taught him the most important lesson of all. Three decades of training passed, each day spent honing his deadly skills. Gawain was beginning to doubt that he could learn anything from his masters anymore. As he turned to leave his mentors dojo, he cought a foot in the back of the head, forcing him down to the floor-he was going to scrub it clean in repayment. He was to make it spotless.

And now Gawains returned. getting a collection of swords through customs must have been hell but he's returned to his hometown and he's more than ready to rectify the failings of the world around him. Killing those responsible for his downfall isn't going to be enough to satiate him. The whole city is consumed by its own vice and violence, and not a person to be found-just predators and their prey. Gawain isn't going to stop until its spotless.
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