Mavis Gemma Ferguson

Name: Mavis Gemma Ferguson
Nickname: Short Mavis
Reason for nickname: Descriptive
Date of birth: Monday, 5th Jan 2004 (Age 16)
Star sign: Capricorn
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Social class: Middle class
Religion: Non religious
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair: Black and straight
Eyes: Black and round
Face: round
Education: Some college
Relationship status: Single
Career path: Computing
Background: Mavis grew up in a middle class family who were extremely strict and traditional. She has a great relationship with her mother and sister, however, her relationship with her father is strained due to the fact he was not accepting towards her when she came out as bisexual.
Positive characteristics: brave, bright
Negative characteristics: greedy, disloyal
Moral: sometimes
Stable: sometimes
Loyal: sometimes
Generous: at times
Extrovert: sometimes
Compassionate: at times
IQ: 117
Hobbies: bridge, playing video games, upcycling, praying, drone photography, tennis, travelling, listening to music, planking, jigsaw puzzles, camping
Diet: eats meat
Favourite foods: chocolate cake, ice lollies
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