Jessica Catherine Cox

Basic Information
Name: Jessica Catherine Cox
Nicknames: Jessie / Tall Jessica
Reason for nicknames: Derived from Jessica / Descriptive
Date of birth: Tuesday, 8th Jan 1991 (Age 29)
Background: She was raised by her father, her mother having left when she was young. Fed up by her controlling father, she ran away at age 13 and lived out on the streets. She became an artist to take care of herself .
Star sign: Capricorn
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Caucasia
Hair: Honey brown and curly
Eyes: Round. Hazel
Face: Heartshape
Social class: Middle class
Religion: Agnostic
Sexuality: Straight
Education: High school
Political views: Moderate
Relationship status: Unknown
Career Path: Artist

Positive characteristics: Good listener, generous
Negative characteristics: Doesbt think before doing, poorly educated, often unstable due to PTSD flashbacks and anxiety attacks
Moral: Sometimes
Stable: Depends
Loyal: extremely
Generous: very
Extrovert: Moderate
Compassionate: very
IQ: 82
Hobbies: escapology, painting, photography, yoga, meditation, social card games...
Phobias: Hardcover books, water, Dogs (relating to her PTSD which we can develop or omit depending on the story)
Diet: eats meat and veggies
Favourite foods: dark chocolate buttons, carbonara

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