Open Roleplay

Jace was bored at home and he decided to go to the beach to surf some waved and to see a nice and beautiful girl in their tiny bikinis. And when he got there, he dressed his surf suit, and with his board, on his hand, he ran to the water.

And he started to swim on his board more further to the sea where it was calm and quiet. And when he was in the middle of the sea he just stopped and stood there waiting for a wave to surf listening to the waves and feeling the water underneath him and feeling his feet on the water. The whole world stopped and the noise just disappeared, all was quiet and peaceful and he loved that feeling.

After a while a big wave came and he swims towards her and he surfs her like a pro and he enjoyed it a lot. When he was done he got out of the water and he walked towards his towel and he sat on the sand looking around eating the sandwich that he has brought and looking at the girls on the beach "Best hobbies ever". Newport Beach girls are really beautiful and sexy and he enjoyed being there on the beach looking at them.
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