The Basics
Name: Benjamin Henderson
Age: 20
Place of birth: Orlando, Florida
Current location: Wherever RP takes place
Nationality: American
Education: Graduated, currently taking college courses
Occupation: Coffee barista
Income: 19.1K
Sexuality: Pansexual

Physical Appearance
What's their:
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair style: Shaved on the sides, parted
• Build: Skinny
Distinguishing features: A scar on his left cheek
Do they wear glasses?: No
What accessories?: None
Grooming: Neat
Distinguishing "tics": Chewing on things (i.e. gum, rubber items, sometimes metal)
Health/chronic illness(es): Minor anxiety
Handwriting: Neat
How do they walk?: Fast-paced
Height: 5'5
Weight: 122 lbs

How do they talk?: Simplistic and straightfoward
Style of speech: Consultative speech
Accent: N/A
Posture: Upright
Gesture: Not really
Eye contact: No
Preferred curse word: N/A
Catchphrase: N/A
Speech impediment?: N/A
Distinguishing speech "tics": "Anyhow", "um"
Their laugh: Quiet
What do they find funny?: Pure humour
Their smile: Bright
How emotive are they?: Very
How easily can they read others?: Not easily
They have a resting happy face.

The Past
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Childhood: Happy
Education: Public school
Clubs/organisations: LGBT club
Dream job (as a child): Airplane pilot
Harriet Quimby
Greatest regret: Leading a girl on in high school
Hobbies: Singing, organizing things
Favourite place as a child: The opera house
Earliest memory: Being bullied in 2nd grade (lasted until 8th grade)
Saddest memory: Being beat up in third grade for the first time
Happiest memory: Coming out as gay to his mom and being accepted
Skeletons in the closet: He doesn't know how to swim
3 adj to describe them as a child: Cheerful, energetic, shy

Father: Markus
• Age: 43
• Occupation: Real estate agent
Mother: Layla
• Age: 45
• Occupation: Writer
Siblings: None
• How many:
• Names/ages:

External Relationships
Closest friends: TBD
Significant friends: TBD
How are they perceived by-
• Strangers: Friendly
• Acquaintances: adorable
• Friends: Sweetest person alive
Role in the group dynamic: The planner
What do they want from a relationship?: Loyalty and honesty
Ideal partner (who)?: Unknown
Significant other: No

What do they do on rainy days?: Sit outside under an umbrella
Are they-
• Book smart/street smart?: Book
• Optimist/pessimist/other?: Optimist
• Introvert/extrovert?: Both
Favourite sound: Pens clicking
Favourite place in the world: His work
What do they want most?: Wants to be wanted and wants to fit in
Biggest flaw: Insecure, always thinks the worst
Biggest strength: Very supportive
Biggest fear: Not being loved
Accomplishment: Getting where he is now
Idea of perfect happiness: Having a significant other who loves and wants him
Favourite quote: N/A
Do they want to be remembered?: No
How do they approach-
• Power: Sometimes flinches
• Ambition: Cheers them on
• Love: Confusion
• Chance: Sometimes will take it
Who/what bores them?: Sitting there without being able to move
What makes them angry?: Animals being abused, kids being abused
What do they look for in a person?: A nice personality
Pet peeves: Loud kids, parrots
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