The Basics
Name: Nicholas (Nico) Meyers
Age: 16-21
Place of birth: Ashland, Oregon
Current location: TBD
Nationality: Korean-American
Education: Depends on roleplay
Occupation: None (18up works at a gas station)
Sexuality: Pansexual

Physical Appearance
What's their:
• Eye colour: Grey
• Hair style/colour: Long in the front, mousy brown
• Build: Lanky
Distinguishing features: Freckles, has braces
Do they wear glasses?: No
What accessories?: Plugs, spider-bite piercings
Grooming: Clean
Distinguishing "tics": Biting his piercings
Health/chronic illness(es): Epilepsy, depression (chronic)
Handwriting: Sloppy
How do they walk?: Fast-paced
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs

How do they talk?: Short sentences
Style of speech: Vulgar
Accent: None
Posture: Slouched
Gesture: Sometimes
Eye contact: Depends
Preferred curse word: As many as you can think of
Catchphrase: None
Speech impediment?: No
Distinguishing speech "tics": "Tch..", "um.."
Their laugh: Quiet
What do they find funny?: Depends on their mood
Their smile: Small, soft
How emotive are they?: Not very
How easily can they read others?: Pretty easily
They have a resting bitch face.

The Past
Hometown: Central Point, Oregon
Childhood: Poor
Education: Depends on rp
Clubs/organisations: None
Dream job (as a child): Astronaut
Role-Models: Neil Armstrong
Greatest regret: None
Hobbies: Skateboarding, guitar, piano
Favourite place as a child: None
Earliest memory: Being taken away from his parents
Saddest memory: Unknown
Happiest memory: Unknown
Skeletons in the closet: He's a light-weight when it comes to drinking, he's terrified of dogs
3 adj to describe them as a child: Quiet, reserved, unsympathetic

Father: Mark Meyers
• Age: 38
• Occupation: Unknown
Mother: Angela Meyers
• Age: 37
• Occupation: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
• How many:
• Names/ages:

External Relationships
Closest friends: TBD
Significant friends: TBD
Role in the group dynamic: None, he doesn't hang in groups
What do they want from a relationship?: Loyalty, honesty, patience
Ideal partner (who)?: TBD
Significant other: None

What do they do on rainy days?: Continue like any other day
Are they-
• Book smart/street smart?: Street smart
• Optimist/pessimist/other?: Pessimist
• Introvert/extrovert?: Introvert
Favourite sound: The piano
Favourite place in the world: His home
What do they want most?: Unknown
Biggest flaw: Doesn't have patience
Biggest strength: Knows to keep his mouth shut
Biggest fear: Being outed
Accomplishment: Getting this far in life
Idea of perfect happiness: Unknown
Favourite quote: none
Do they want to be remembered?: No
Who/what bores them?: Long lectures, school
What makes them angry?: Loud noises
What do they look for in a person?: Patience, honesty
Pet peeves: Slow wifi, people chewing, people taking his food without his permission
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