Rp ideas

If you wanna rp with me but you cant think of sh*t or if I cant think of sh*t on the spot then I got some ideas here my brother :o)

(Hope this first one isn't too strange, I just think about it often)

1. My character is a f***ing king and a tyrant king who's putting down some oppressive as f*** laws and your character and their rebel political party, or just group of rebels who say f*** the king >:( , take my character hostage or murder him. Depending on if you're looking for more of an actual take over of the monarchy rp or some eventual romance sh*t between the king and some rebel. Oh and if you don't like the idea of your character "winning" i suppose that my character can do the capturing of the rebels and either puttin em on death row or smoochin them up :o)
i am cool with the murder or the romance, or maybe both at the same time ;o) but either way I've got no preference. Oh and we can do it where your character is king and mine is the rebels, though I'd prefer playing king.

2. Just some apocalypse rp, can be zombies, or war, or some other catastrophic event. We'll come up with sh*t to do depending on what's going on.

3. Your character, or mine, gets lost in the woods or something and is freezing to death cuz its Canada or something. Then they come upon my characters, or yours, cabin in the middle of the woods. This can either become just an excuse for an erp, a romance or some whacky murder! Or all three of those!! :)))

(I will add more when i come up with them)
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