are first

Dorian Tatsu Holiday is a 17 year old male. He has medium length hair, that just barely covers his ears. He's light skinned, blue eyed, and is normally seen wearing things like jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, and hoodies. Pretty casual, but he can clean up pretty well. Dorian goes by Holiday, his last name. This is due to his father, who raised him in hopes of seeing him become chief of- well, anything, in the air force.
Dorian, however, didn't want to go into the airforce. Or fight at all, for that matter.
So, he took the money his father had given him to pay for his college dues, and with that, left.
He's technically a runaway, but who's going to stop a 17 year old so close to adulthood? It wasn't worth the chase.
He was free from his father, memories of his deceased mother, and younger brother.
He took his pet beetle though.
His name is Idiot, and he's relatively large. About the size of an adult males palm.
That's all I got. He's highly flexible too. Like. Seriously flexible.

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