No fault of my own

You finally decided to give me a chance to show you how much you meant to me. A deal that meant so much to me. One date was all i asked for you agreed as long you paid for it. I made the deal but you had to come with an open mind and you agreed. I had everything planned and everything was in place my heart was filled with hope and joy. A chance to make you smile if only once.

Something happened i was preparing to let you go. I remembered my Eomma saying if you love something let it go then if it loves you it will return when ready. BUT then everything went to sh*t. I dont know what happened until my friends said some things that weren’t true about you and you said things back. Everyone got really upset. BUT IT IS ME WHO LOST EVERYTHING. ME WHO LOST THE CHANCE TO PROVE TO YOU I COULD MAKE YOU HAPPY. ME WHO NOW SITS HEARTBROKEN. no one had a right to get involved upset or worried or not. IT IS YOU I LOST YOU WHO IS NO BROKEN YOU WHO WILL NEVER TRUST ME AGAIN

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2 | Feb 13th 2020 22:45