to go

There aren't any rules.
Dude. Really. I mean.
Some but.
Do whatever you wanna.
I'm open, so why not.
I swear I'm friendly, and I'm a lot more entertaining one to one so-
Just hmu with whatever you wanna. Starters are okay, and a simple hello would do.
With role-playing, I have my main character up. He's highly flexible.
Apparently I got a be specific so with the 16% battery left on my compooter, I shall grant u a couple of
Terms and conditions
I.e. Rules (I'm sorry!)
Ugh. SO, I'm open to mxm, mxf, and fxf. And other things like that they have anything to do with gender. However, I'm mostly going to look for mxm.
Casual rp is chill. Romance is chill. (Ero is a bit iffy. I got a be comfortable with your character first. Or at least warned ffs). Gore, chill. Just don't kill me, I don't wanna die rn ty. Also, everyone's welcome-
Furries, humans, aliens, vegetables and many more alike.
Idfc if you consider yourself an atom.
Come on in, buddy. It's fun.

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