Name: Voroch
nickname: Vor
Gender: Male
Age: ???
D.O.B. ???
Species: Demon
Nationality: Hellspawn
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 178 in human form. 247 in Demon form
Hair: Black
Eye: Purple
Sexuality: Bisexual(Top)
Likes: Fighting, torture, chains and other related restraining devices. Toying with people, Demons and having fun.
Dislikes: Angels, Goody two shoes, politics, Being bored.
Fears: He doesnt really fear anything, Hes a bit cocky like that.
Quirks: He likes to inhabit bodies and toy with people mentally, otherwise he does so in physical ways, often running a hand through his hair or along his horns.
Family: Other demons if you want to count it.
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