My Rules

I think it'd be good for me to explain some rules I have so I don't have to awkwardly explain to people.

1) I need good responses I can work off of, I'm not a big fan of semi-lit and no one liners. My favorite roleplays are long and have an interesting story/character.

2) Please attempt to stay in character, I really don't mind a character branching off a bit. Sometimes that even adds depth. But don't make them act unreasonable or unusual compared to their canon self.

3) Refrain from nsfw, kinks, fetishes, you name it. I'm not 18, I'm a minor. That stuff is just kind of weird and makes me uncomfortable. Things that are tame along the lines of kissing/holding hands are in my comfort zone.

4) Don't play god in a roleplay or control my actions. It's pretty boring.

5) Be communicative, let me know about anything that bothers you and I'll do the same. I want to be agreeable and make the stuff I do as fun for both of us as possible.

6) Reply in a timely enough manner. I'm okay with waiting a week or so but I will ask if you're busy.
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1 | Jan 14th 2020 23:27