- LumiA Ombrage Delsky -
❖[ Name ]一 Lumianstein Ombrage Delsky
❖[ Age ]一 22
❖[ Gender ]一 Female ♀
❖[ Sexuality ]一 Pansexual/Bisexual | (Will have sex with anything)
❖[ Personality ]一 Disordered & Unstable
❖[ Race ]一 Common House Cat
❖[ Relationship ]一 Single & Looking
❖[ Expertises ]一 Technologic Engineering & medical sciences (IS NOT A REAL DOCTOR)
❖[ Favorite Kinks ]一 PAIN & gore | Parasites & bugs | Primal sex
- Backstory Records -
(Details of Origins) | (File by the Blackwater Asylum London . UK)

In it's whole not much is known about Lumianstein Delsky.

All the data collected about this particular enigma of an individual originated from old reports & rumors from many English mental institutions that have since yet closed or completely vanished from existence. The most agreed-upon origin source by doctors & interviewers tells us he might have been born in the city of London during the 1830s over the British victorian era. Nothing else about her family relatives or ancestors is known to this day as well as the point of origins for her seemingly incurable madness. Her strong phobia of medical and mental institutions such as 'Asylums' or 'hospitals' to even 'Pharmacy's' suggests that she may have been locked up in such places for very long periods of time despite her physical young age of 22. The database and datings of the reports are what confirmed this oddity to most researchers of the Blackwater Asylum but the possibility of LumiA being an impersonator is also not excluded either despite being highly unlikely.

During captivity, the staff has observed her obsessions with Parasites & gruesome generally disturbing topics. Despite suffering deep OCD Psychosis with other personality & trauma-related disorders her impaired intelligence is without a doubt far more extended than any gifted human being. Any mental or neurological stimulant is to be prohibited from her at all times. (CNS stimulants)

Despite the best efforts of both Asylum staff and authorities, Miss Delsky is today still at large in the world. If encountered, please bring her back to the Asylum and remain extremely cautious as she is still to be considered as a dangerous unbalanced psychopath. Responsible for the charges of Murders Cannibalism Rape and a whole other list of illegal and immortal acts including and not limited to 'Illegal practice of medicine'. SHE IS IN NO WAY A DOCTOR IN ANY WAYS despite her numerous claiming of being so. She has on multiple occasions impersonated staff from the Asylum and practiced gruesome & immoral experimentations that often take inspiration on WW2 Nazi medical studies as she remains a great fan of "Dr. Mangele's" work. This concludes all that is known about Lumianstein Ombrage Delsky's certified pieces of information. Extra annex additions are provided data from interviews and rumors that are not to be taken for serious evidence.

- Extra informations -

Rumors suggest that LumiA Delsky could be a member of a demonic cult called the "Crimson Order" A demonic sigil worshiping the 'Queen Rushu'. Another unverified common legend about this mysterious woman is about her potential ability to resurrect the dead and 'freshly' departed. Despite a few demonstrations to some members of staff, there's no proper recordings or true proof to these claims as most come from gibberish interviews. The subject has been found rather difficult to interact with due to extreme mood swings and an increasingly aggressive or provocative temper which makes long term interactions near to impossible. Even if it has yet to be certified LumiA Delsky is believed to have abnormal supernatural properties which is something not uncommon for patients of the Blackwater Asylum.

- Behaviour Records -
(Profiling Record) | (File by the Blackwater gate Asylum London. UK)

The profiling of LumiA Delsky is a rather interesting one at best.

Not only is Lumiastein Delsky dangerous to others, but she also remains a constant danger to herself and her surroundings. Her high sadomasochist nature coupled with high psychosis & personality disorders often leave her absent-minded and unaware of her surroundings, especially under high stimulation. The subject has been shown to have a severe addiction to pain but what is most interesting is the fact that the nature of this pain has no meaning to her and may come either from the harm of others or herself. Isolation has demonstrated difficult and poorly therapeutic as LumiA will harm herself trough cuts or other means in order to perform auto-cannibalism which seems to appease her mind. Restraining the subject during these long periods of non-harming cycles causes her to suffer from strokes and severe spontaneous uncontrolled nose & eye bleeds. The cause of this is totally unknown.

Her high sadomasochist nature coupled with high psychosis & personality disorders often leave her absent-minded and unaware of her surroundings, especially under high stimulation. If no trigger is presented to LumiA Delsky she will act rationally and coherently blending into the mass of ordinary people she is surrounded by. Tests have shown her observant nature to be a way towards mimicking people of her entourage. With enough time the subject may adopt one's language within a few days and even mimic their voice patterns perfectly. Voice recognition systems are highly discouraged for containment. LumiA has also been shown to adore the circus and carnivals. Music can eager her triggers and make her mood swings more or fewer extremes depending on what she will hear.

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