Black with red highlights, blank gray eyes, white on chin, end of tail, stomach and front right paw.
Thin, but big with strong muscles and thick, messy fur, yet soft and silky.
Blue has the ability to heal himself, quick speed, short-distance transportation, and the ability to speak even though he rarely does along with a few other things

Blue has been through plenty in his life, being able to life so much longer than a normal dog/wolf. he will either want to hurt, kill, ignore or commit to your character once meeting. of course, I wont have him kill your character, but he will be thinking of it in some cases. I would like to start the rp as I will explain everything with detail before starting.. I hope its fine if we start in a kind of scene slimier to the picture provided.

Blue had been imprisoned for a long while now, years to be exact. He was up to no good for the word and most despised him just by the first glance.. while others seemed to think he was a stunning wolf, but a dangerous monster, if anything. Many people protested that he may be punished for the pain he had caused. He deserved to receive the same pain as he gave to others many times before. So locked away deep in the forest he was visited and punished every day while guards lined the sides of the small building. He couldn't die no matter what they did to him, so things would get messy. People expected him to leave the place by now. Really, he could if he wanted to, but they didnt know that. He was just waiting for the right moment...
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