1. If you are only wanting er*t*ca roleplay, do NOT add me. I enjoy romance in my storylines as much as anyone, but that cannot be the only thing the roleplay is about. If the story cannot exist without the romance, then it won’t work for me.

2. I will only roleplay in third person, and would prefer multiple paragraphs, but most of the time my replies will slightly shorten in length when less is going on, although I will never write less than two paragraphs. My replies will never go below that, and I expect the same from you.

3. No one liners. I will not bend on this. If I write you a multi-paragraph response, and you give me a one liner, or a one word answer, if we are roleplaying, I won’t respond, then in a week I will delete you should you not correct yourself.

4. Speaking of a week; that’s how long I will give you to respond to me, unless you give me a warning that your replies will be delayed. I don’t collect friends.

5. Mature roleplays; I do roleplays that have mature themes. I write in grimdark fantasy worlds, ones that are NOT fun to live in, these are not silly stories about boys befriending dragons and riding them into the sky. I will not touch on anyone’s triggers if I know what would upset them, but if you want to reduce the roleplay to the point that it seems like Dragon Tails, I won’t roleplay with you.

6. Proper grammar and spelling is a must. I realize that no one is perfect, including myself, but if you cannot spell and use punctuation, I can’t roleplay with you. It’ll drive me crazy.

7. I’m a selective adder, and I will look through your profile with a fine tooth comb to ensure that we are compatible, and to look through any characters that you might have. I expect the same from you, with my character, so you know if you want to roleplay with her or not.

8. I will not change any of my character in personality, attitude, or their past lightly, and if I do, there has to be good, nonsexual, reason for it. Please do not request my characters to play your sister/brother, step sister/ step brother, neighbor, teacher etc. I will delete you if you try it, these aren’t the kind of roleplays I do.

9. If you are unhappy with the roleplay, then please let me know. I will do the same for you. And also, please don’t make drama if I don’t respond to you straight away. Sometimes I get into a mood where I won’t want to reply to any or certain roleplays, but I will get to you eventually.

10. Read my other blog pages. Don't just skim it and say you read it, because when you can't recall important details of them minutes after you said you read it, it's obvious you didn't. You will be unfriended.

12. Please help me discuss a story. Don't just say "whatever you want to do" because that will not cut it. I understand that some people don't have creative days, I get that way too, but plotting a story should be a partnership. And if you try this on me, if I come up with the entire idea, don't ask me to start. If you're going to make me do the work of coming up with a storyline you're starting, so please don't say your starters suck because that also means you're saying the rest of your replies will suck as well, and I hate that people don't give themselves enough credit. If you can send a decent response to a starter I write, you can also start the roleplay too.

13. If I add you, I’ll message you. If you add me, you message me. Recently I've realized that some people aren't messaging after sending requests, so now I will delete you after forty-eight hours after I accept the request, if you don't respond to it. I'm really just tired of people being on my online list and not getting messages.

14. Don't expect me to play whatever character you have in a plot. I absolutely dislike this. If you have a premade plot, and just need my character to play one you've created, please go away. I don't want to play any character that isn't my own.

15. Gimmie your memes. Comment "howdy doody" if you read all of this. Those who are already in my friends list do not have to do this, but if you are a newcomer, comment.

Failure to follow these rules will get you eaten by the Dark Knight.
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2 | Jan 14th 2020 06:48