After even Jin and Seo disappeared, his voice is suddenly heard by the future people, inside their minds.

"Causing the early death of the to-be General Zhou has saved the girl named Xi from his torments. She won't seek revenge against the Zhou and thus won't find SongYu nor try to force their marriage, resulting in the unbirth of their only child."

"The Avatar powers LianBi acquired allowed him to find out the unfairness his younger brother was going through due to their family. Unlike in the previous past, where he wouldn't have any contact with QinShi until the death of their family, now LianBi has taken him into custody and created a bound that will grow stronger at each passing day. LianBi won't ever be worried nor disturbed by his brother's vicinity and he won't, ever, force him to marry SongYu nor anyone else.
The inexistence of this marriage will have several consequences too, including the premature death of JinGoo, following the failed attempt to heal him from his drug addiction, as due to the fact QinShi won't get close to the Zhou, he won't be inspired to craft the amulet that saved his life in the original times.
In addition to this, QinShi won't visit Earth with SongYu, meaning that Renji won't come back and Seunghyun won't find out about Nortrig and his origins until later on.
Since SongYu and Aqua formally met in the protection camp where the priests escorted the chanpions' closest family to keep them safe from possible blackmailing from the rulers, the inexistence of the marriage between QinShi and SongYu will also delay their meeting, resulting in the lack of prerequisites which led to the birth of XianSeo."

Unlike one would expect, he doesn't scold them nor he tells them they must fix anything. He just gives them the information and concludes with: "You have a huge power in your arms, ponder your actions well."
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