Layla Brine-stone

Age: 18
Sexuality/Preference: straight
Species/Racial Origin: Demon
Social Class/Community Status: Middle class
Language: English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: **
Height: 4’11
Weight: 122
Typical Clothing/Equipment: (As seen in photo)
Personality/Attitude: she’ll probably gonna call you a pervert, let’s be real. She’s innocent in that she has an eighth grade level in sex Ed. She likes to be both sassy and fluffy if that makes any sense
Skills/Talents: Imortal, enhanced strength, enhanced sight/hearing, enhanced speed, healing factor, ability to fly, shape shifting, psychokinesis, and (Limited) mind control.
Favourites/Likes: (not sure yet)
Most Hated/Dislikes: being told what to do by a stranger
She works as a part time reaper but is normally your guardian demon for sinners who’ve destroyed their chances of getting into heaven.
She’s a bottom
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