"'Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore' We are in the midst of film geniuses!"

⋆ Basic Information ⋆

[Name] Aimée
[Gender] Female
[Age] 22-25
[Species] Human
[Ethnicity] Vietnamese
[Religion] Buddhist, but not super religious.
[Sexuality] Bisexual
[Occupation] Game Developer

⋆ Character ⋆

[Temperament] Intelligent, Dorky
[Traits] Sociable, Passionate, Geek, Insecure, Withdrawn (from certain things/situations), Sincere, Friendly, Cynical, Somewhat Oblivious.
[Likes] Video Games, Films, Movies, Music, Books and Novels, Art, Museums, Non-profit organizations, Dogs, and so on.
[Dislikes] Making things awkward, Rambling, Bad Days, Failure, Disrespect, Judgement
[Hobbies] Free Writing, Reading, Binge Watching or Gaming Marathons
[Passion] Video Games, Programming, Songwriting
[Ambition] Create games to show awareness in society, or just have some real good games made with her contribution or as a director.
[Other] She may be sociable and friendly, but she does tend to overthink and ramble, causing a bit of withdrawal.

⋆ Appearance ⋆

[Height] 153 cm
[Weight] 56 kg
[Build] Toned
[Hair] Jet Black, Short but enough to tie, skin fade on the sides
[Eyes] Hazelnut
[Skin] Warm Beige
[Style] Comfortable, Casual, usually shirts with games or bands and things like that. She would after get that she is a tomboy but honestly she doesn't use it or care for that word.
[Other] She has ear piercings, plus she has a tattoo on her back of one of her favorite games.

⋆ Background Information ⋆

[Backstory] A fairly 'good' upbringing compared to many in the world, at least she would say that. Though she mostly dealt with family issues and drama, she never had issues with her friends other than being their support and therapist. She had run into quite a few toxic friendships and relationships in her life, but that did not change her... not too much. Her main form of coping was video games, it still is. She always volunteers for non-profits and has a drive to raise awareness of minorities. Even so, she holds herself in a standard that tries not to let her family see weakness, nor her friends at times. In the past it kind of burnt her out. and there have been bad days, bad moods, bad state of minds.. but here she is.
[Current] So much pain due to lack of representation in media, including games, so she is working to change it. She is likely working hard, but lonely.
[Relationships] She has a small immediate family (Father, Mother, Little Brother), everyone else is in a different country. Oh, three Exes, hmm, three close girl friends and one dude who is like a brother to her.

⋆ Extra ⋆

[Genre Options] Modern, Slice of Life, Comedy, Suspense, Drama, Romance.
[Note] If we are doing romance it will be a platonic romance.
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