"Hmm...?... tsk."

⋆ Basic Information ⋆

[Name] Len
[Gender] Male
[Age] 17-20
[Species] Shapeshifter; Lion.
[Sexuality] Bisexual
[Occupation] Warrior, Vigilante, Traveler
[Class] Low
[Status] Rogue

⋆ Character ⋆

[Temperament] Drowsy, Indifferent
[Traits] Stubborn, Reckless, Philosophical, Generous, Lazy/Listless (when able to), Sarcastic, Independent, Adventurous, Noble, and so on.
[Likes] The Sun, Nature, Warmth, Comfy things, Freedom, Knowledge, Trying out new things, Sparing, and so on.
[Dislikes] Restrictions, Hierarchy, Wasting his time, Pity, Weakness.
[Hobbies] Training, Trading, Napping, Bounty hunting
[Passion] Hmmm.
[Ambition] Hmmm.
[Other] People generally have a hard time talking to him since there are three places he takes it; ignoring, questioning, or provoking.

⋆ Appearance ⋆

[Height] 168 cm
[Weight] 55.4 kg
[Build] Lightly Toned
[Hair] Snow White
[Eyes] Pale grey w/hints of lightening blue
[Skin] Porcelain
[Style] Non-restrictive, comfortable
[Other] He has red markings upon his body in several areas. His eyes; above his eyebrow, a line connecting it downwards, over his eyelids and down towards his jaw, there is a horizontal curved line under his eye as well. Left Arm; red 'blackout' on forearm all around, one parallel above near elbow, two more thin ones around bicep. Left leg; line going from hip, down to his ankle, makes a 'step' to the side.

⋆ Background Information ⋆

[Backstory] Ah, too long!
[Current] Wanderer. Living.
[Relationships] Many groups has he been in and all have disbanded or came to tragedy, he has old friends and some he encounters at times, but he generally works alone.

⋆ Extra ⋆

Shapeshifting; partially or fully into a lion.
Lion Physiology;
-Camouflage, Claw Retraction, Climbing, Enhanced Bite, Predator Instinct
-Enhanced Physique; Agility, Balance, Flexibility, Leap, Strength, Speed, Stealth.
-Enhanced Senses; Hearing, Smell, Vision (and Night Vision).

[Genre Options] Mainly Fantasy and Adventure, possibly modern fantasy. Action, Mystery, Angst, Drama, Psychological, etc.
In more modern settings he would likely have another occupation to fit in.
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