V's Profile

Basic Information

Name: V
Age: ???
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him


Skin colour: Pale Caucasian
Hair colour(s): Originally White, Currently Black Due To Nightmare
Eye colour: Dark Green
Tattoos: Upper Torso + Arms
Body type: Slender

Top clothing: long, open sleeveless leather coat with the sides tied together by strings, inside pockets, and a sewn-in, corset-like vest in the front.
Bottom clothing: Black Pants
Other clothing: Sandals
Accessories: tooth pendant around his neck, silver ring on his left middle finger, spiked bracelet that crisscross around his left wrist, silver chain made up of skulls on the right side of his belt and a fingerless glove on his right hand.


In contrast to the more flamboyant Dante and hot-headed Nero, V is a quiet, calm, and aloof individual. While V is generally polite to everyone he meets, V is a man shrouded in mystery and does not speak more than necessary.


A distinctive trait of V is his extreme fondness for poetry, as he often recites lines when speaking to people or even enemies, and often by memory alone. V has a dry sense of humor and is not above jokes or finding antics around him amusing.


Upon Vergil stabbing himself with Yamato to separate his human half from his demon half, the birth of "V" and "Urizen" had been sparked into life. Just seconds after his birth, V was able to retain consciousness and witnessed the horrifying formation of Urizen. In addition to being humanly weak, V was also left with four physical manifestations of Vergil's trauma from his time as Nelo Angelo, taking the forms based of Mundus's minions - Griffon, Shadow, Nightmare, Phantom.

V's separation from his original self doomed him with a slowly decaying body, which was barely kept together with the lingering remnants of Vergil's demonic power. Knowing that Urizen plans to gain power from the Qliphoth tree, V vowed to stop the large-scale destruction and hopefully remerge with Urizen before his body completely crumbles. After reclaiming 3 out of the four minions, Phantom having been far too stubborn to join the fold which led to the spider's death, V journeyed forward as he knew that alone he would be unable to fulfill his mission and using his past memories he found himself at the door of Devil May Cry.
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