The Smiling Killer

Name: Unknown
nickname: The Smiling Killer, Loki, Murderer, Hero, Vigilante
Gender: Unknown, Presumed Male
Age: Unknown, Presumed Young Adult to Middle-Aged
D.O.B. Unknown
Species: Human
Nationality: Unknown
Height: Roughly 6 feet tall
Weight: Presumed 160
Hair: Rarely seen, unknown if natural color is jet black
Eye: Blue, Though hard to tell if this is the true color or colored contacts
Sexuality: Unknown
Likes: Innocents
Dislikes: Criminals, Corruption.
Fears: Failing to bring order to the world
Quirks: Always wears a mask
Family: Unknown
Personality: A mysterious individual who shows very little emotion besides from the smile on their mask and shows off a high intelligence as they have been able to evade the police for well over four years.

It is thought to only be one person, but there is a chance that more may have taken on the persona of 'The Smiling Killer' as almost nothing is known about them.
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