Plot Ideas

~I want an unrequited love RP between Soo-Mi or Dae-Hee and (your character). Maybe (your character) and their family knew the Yi family so when (your character) confesses not feeling the same way they are heartbroken and their twin tells (your character) how their friendship was ruined and they try to come to an understanding.
~ Soo-Mi or Dae-Hee are major fans of a k-pop group and get a ticket to their fan signing. They get to meet their bias and maybe bond. Maybe some other chance meeting. EX: Hotel, restaurant
Single or Group Rp

The princess or prince: Soo-Mi or Dae-Hee are ready to marry and take over the throne. Instead of an arranged marriage, the King calls upon a contest in each region of the country. The men who win the contest of their region are brought to the castle to live for a couple months to try and woo the King's kin and marry into royalty. 7 Regions

Military, agriculture, art, knowledge, health, architecture, and history

(Your character) can choose the region their from, and commence the drama
Single or group rp

Soo-Mi or Dae-Hee get kidnapped and held hostage in a vampire clan to become the vampires living blood bag. Why did these monsters take them? Will they ever leave? Or will they submit to their new life?
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