There are many ways I can rp, however, I am most comfortable with Lit/Paragraph (or multipara) form compared to others. I personally hate one-liners.


I try and rp with everyone. I am semi-selective which means I can tell you that I won't rp with you due to certain things— having too many responses, one of my rules are broken etc. I will not answer random starters, I prefer to plot first

IF YOU ARE AN OC. I will rp with you


I am perfectly alright with writing mature scenes ( content) but let's discuss it first.

I do not mind rping many things, within reason. If I feel uncomfortable about something, I will say I won't rp it - and I hope you do the same.


PLEASE PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT FORCE YOUR MUSE ON MINE. I like character building! Relationship building! Do NOT think just because my character talks to yours that I will agree to a relationship. I may not just feel a certain pairing.


Do not take control of my character. It annoys me and makes me not want to rp with people. I control my own character for a reason, so do not take that away.


If I have not responded to your post within 2 active days, message me as I probably have missed it. This doesn’t mean send me messages every 5 minutes, please! I will respond as fast as I possibly can if I have the muse!
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