Love & Joy are the keys to happiness (PT.2)

Love & Joy are the keys to happiness: like said in Part.1 of this small website poem/book "We all have our flaws" and that may be so. But I guess we can all be perfect but then again how would we all be 'Picture perfect' as I said I am FAT, Chubby, pudgy, out of shape, none attractive, and an average dirty blond blue-eyed girl that has 'DEPRESSION, Anger issues, OCD, ADHD" but honestly why would it matter. We have our OWN flaws that's what makes US well...Us. But we have our ups and our downs but as long as we have Joy for others and we give Joy then what can go wrong? And along as we have a love for others and love for ourselves what could go wrong either?

--This has been: Love & Joy are the keys to happiness. I hope you enjoyed reading the two parts! Feel free to comment, like, and share with friends!--

-Izzy Bridge(Fellow writer)
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1 | Dec 3rd 2019 07:44