Love & Joy are key to happiness (PT.1)

Love & Joy are the keys to happiness: Yes we may try our best to at least be kind and we'll to others but we also have our own flaws. You may be thinking "Well Izzy I'm ALWAYS nice to others what do you mean by 'flaws?' Because I have none!" Yeah, I get that a lot but we all have our flaws and yes even I do as well we are all not perfect but we can all try to be. Take this from a pudgy, none attractive, FAT, and humorous white girl on here. I'm different from everyone but in the end, we are all human! So what's so wrong with making mistakes if we are going to learn from them 'Eventually' and what's the point in making 'PROMISES' If we aren't going to keep them in the first place? I get it we all got our friends and our 'Best Friends but are they really? Ya know we all grow up.. Why aren't ALWAYS going to keep our said friends and our said 'Best friends'. We all have our flaws.
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2 | Dec 3rd 2019 07:33