Day 1.

Dear Jihala,
today Bin taught me characters but I am not very good still, so I will train with you.

Day 3.

Dear Jihala,
the boys I am living with are all so strange. Keishi is so unpleasant and aggressive, even if I didn't do anything to him. Keita constantly keeps an eye on me, does he think I could steal? He constantly cleans my face for some reason! And Hao, the most arrogant of the three, he thinks to be God. They are all very handsome though, it is the only positive side I found till now.

Day 7.

Dear Jihala,
Keishi today scolded me because I left the window of my room open in the night. He must be really afraid to be hurt or robbed, how did he even find out I kept it open?

Day 9.

Dear Jihala,
Keita is turning kinder than I thought! He reminds me of my favorite prince, Eric! Though his change of behaviour makes me think about Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast.
Who is not changing is Hao. I think he doesn't like me here, I can't explain why he is so unpleasant otherwise. Keishi is unpleasant too but in a far more annoying way!

Day 12.

Dear Jihala,
how does someone not wash clothes well enough? It is Keishi again and he said his clothes didn't have a nice smell for long enough... what do I need to do in front of this kind of situation?

Day 13.

Dear Jihala,
Keishi keeps scolding me every time I leave the window open. I hope his fears of someone entering at night pass. At least Keita defended me this time but maybe insulted the other way too harshly...boys are strange, they speak only out of bad words.

Day 17.

Dear Jihala,
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