Name: Elven Stretchton.

Nicknames: None.

Sexuality: Asexual.

Gender: Male.

Other: He works for Santa, he's very stretchy, he's very flexible, he smiles a lot, he fakes a smile 24/7 because he was programmed to just...smile, he loves red and green, he has no brain, he acts really stupid, he f***s everything up, he should shoot himself but he hasn't yet, he's creepy, he stalks young children, he's secretly a satanist, he's secretly a nialist, he has a nice ass.

Elven was raised and born as an Elf in the North Pole, somebody grabbed him by the neck making a squeek and put them on their shelf and called him an Elf on the Shelf to watch their children. Eventually more of his kind were abducted and sold to people, he was proggrammed to constantly be happy but he secretly hated the world, he is a nialist and satanist now but it's all a secret as he murders your children when they do something wrong.

*thank you for purchasing an Elf on the Shelf! Be good*
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2 | Dec 2nd 2019 17:33
Robin_Hood I...lets do a roleplay with him XD