Hello, everyone. If you are reading this that means that I am back from my hiatus. I have been busy with college and personal life, and I have completely ignore this account for months. I am so sorry to everyone that I left hanging, and I am sorry I didn’t communicate with you before. I don’t have any excuse for doing such a thing, not any excuse that seems valid from my point of view. I hope you understand, and no harsh to anyone that chooses to delete me. I will be done with school in two weeks and have a bit more than a months of free time, although I will travel this Christmas season, but I hope to be more active in this account. I will pick a few more roleplay, but only three or four as to not stress myself too much. If you want to start a new roleplay please message me. As of now I am just continuing about two roleplays that I left behind, but I don’t think I will be picking any more roleplays. I am sorry again for everyone that I just left without a say, it was very sh*tty of me. But that’s the situation in my account right now. If you have questions or want to say anything to me, please message me in private.
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0 | Dec 2nd 2019 17:21