In the weekend, he decides to bring all the young ones in the closest city to their home and leave them some time of total freedom.
Since when Nahla arrived, of course, she studied and was taught a lot by MoonBin. Luckily they learn the basics very fast.
She didn't approach anyone but Bin, feeling still uneasy in presence of others and no wonder, no one did much to look more reassuring and friendly yet. She is fond of books and has already read a lot of fairy tales MoonBin gave her to train.
Before to release the beasts, he hands each an amount of money. "Have fun and buy yourselves something nice...remember, we will meet back here at 8pm, don't be late!"

Nahla starts to wander alone, looking at some stands with cute bracelets. Can send anyone, even outside the group.
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Aegyo "Poor things, left without organs..." She rubs her forehead, still not figuring out what organ.
"Did a doctor visit him? What is the problem? Bin brought me to a doctor when I first arrived...he was kind and capable.
I will read them for sure! Bin has lots of books, maybe he has those you mentioned too." She means it, she is looking forward to read them.
She smiles at his response, foolishly thinking he is intrigued. "Go ahead! They are not even big books!"
She feels more uneasy as an argument begins between them.

"What do you know about what she wants. I won't leave her alone with you." Keita grabs her wrist. "Nahla, why are you even interacting with a random man in the middle of the street? It is dangerous, they are always ready to fool young girls." And the best part is that he knows exactly Wool is actually a good boy.
_Senshi "Ye, it must not feel good, especially when they sit or try to pee... probably it also makes walking feel weird." Can't tell for sure though.
"There was a northern doctor with him for a few days, but I don't know what he did to him. Before he wouldn't leave his room, wouldn't eat and wouldn't move, now he comes out from time to time." But he is still not reassured.
"Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I did." They are all about treasure hunting though.
"I like big books, they are reassuring, since they don't end too soon..." But he is a weirdo.
He points at her hand clung to his own sleeve. "What she wants is very clear to me."
He frowns. "Of course I am not here to fool young girls! I've only come out to buy books!"
Aegyo She lowers her gaze, thinking it is such a sensitive subject. "Poor Keishi...I will try to make his life better, maybe he will be less unpleasant and have some relief." Awkwardness in the house is incoming.
"I wish him best luck and a fast recovery! All the family should stay close to him in these hard moments!" Song is, actually, he goes to try to play with QinShi and he doesn't make any prank to him.
"Hmh! I am certain I will!" Even if she doesn't, she won't admit. She will pretend they were good.
"That's right but these fairytale all have a happy ending, so you finish each book being very relieved!"
She lowers her gaze and leaves his sleeve, breaking free even from Keita. "Why are you like this all the sudden? We are only going to eat, he is my new friend, cannot you be kind? Please..."

Keita rolls his eyes. He didn't approach much to her before, since he sees the others as no threat yet. "Let's eat, he can come.
Books...pff...such a boring activity? I don't think there is a book I don't know out there."
_Senshi "Hopefully it will be so. Try to always out a soft pillow wherever he is supposed to sit, so that he will feel better."
He nods. "Ye, even abeoji is being close to him these days... if appa left, in any way, I'd feel so lost and lonely..."
He ponders. "But if they all have an happy ending, they aren't very realistic, are they?" He is negative enough to need deaths and bad things to think a story is good.
He already dislikes Keita. He'd probably tag along better with Keishi, until they other would find out who he is, probably. "Must I really come too...?" he whines.
Aegyo She nods. "He had to think about it even on his own, for his health!" She will give these attentions for real to Keishi and he will misunderstand of course.
She looks down, being sad for him. "I am sure things will get better! I will say a pray for your appa!
Why? Cannot love last even in real life? It is not just an illusion, you only need to find the person meant for you."

Keita is territorial and tends to attack males who do not submit right away!!
"Ani, I am happier if you leave."

She blinks and looks at Wool. "Why do you want to leave?"