Cassandra Reagan- Detective Plot

Name: Cassandra Harlow Reagan

Nickname: “Cassie”

Age: 34

Height: 5’8 (172 cms)

Weight: 125 (57 kg)

Eye Color: Green

Handedness: Left

Birthplace: Great Kills, Staten Island, NY

Profession: Federal Bureau of Investigation: Forensics Analyst, Criminal Investigations Division (CID) ;( Formerly of the NYPD)

Pedigree: Father, Charlie Reagan, Deceased; (Former NYPD) Killed in the line of duty (Cause of Death: Physical trauma from gunshot wounds to chest.)

Cassandra grew up in Great Kills, New York; an unfortunately ironic name for a police family whom consisted of a widowed husband and his young daughter. Cassie’s mother whom passed away through complications at birth had been Charlie’s high school sweetheart; Charlie took her death the hardest. Being the daughter of an established New York police detective was much more of a circus than a childhood. Charlie spent long nights and early mornings on the job, he hated the catch 22 of life; he spent most of Cassie’s life working so that she could grow up strong and healthy, though he rarely saw her for that fact. Cassandra Reagan, daughter of hotshot Charlie Reagan; she caught her fair share of good and bad for her father’s notoriety. Growing up, she met a million babysitters, learned a few essential lessons like shoe-lace tying and the birds and the bees without her father; at times she truly missed him. No matter the situation, Charlie always woke her up every morning and spent a brief breakfast with her before tightening up his tie on the way out the door; it would come with truly a magnificent heartbreak that as an sixteen year old, she watched her father tighten his tie on the way out the door for the last time.

In her childhood, she treasured her father. Charlie’s partner Maria as well. Through the eyes of other officers, it was easy to see the absolute love and affection that Cassandra held for her father. Charlie also took tremendous pride in his daughter; they spent every second together when he was around. She wore his badge, played cops and robbers; it came to no one’s surprise that with the passing of her father, she pursued an education in criminal justice. Cassie despised New York by the time she graduated high school, choosing Cal-Berkeley as her University of choice. As of late, the President of the United States had deemed violence against police officers an “Act of Terrorism” which motivated Cassie to further her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, to something else, something more enabling. At 23 she graduated from Cal-Berkeley with a Master’s in “Homeland Security”. With her education empowering her, she moved back to New York and tried her hand at “The Greatest Police Force in the World”. The NYPD.

Cassie would accept no hand-outs for being Charlie Reagan’s daughter; she wanted to work for every inch she gained. When her passion and fire couldn’t be denied, she was transferred to the Homicide Division where she worked as a crime scene analyst until making detective. Five years from graduating college, to make detective that quick wasn’t common, but no one would doubt the speed of her promotions except a certain few, Cassie’s being one of those few. She hated the idea of being promoted based on her father’s merit, even if it was her own work that had pushed her this far.

At 29, Cassandra Reagan would be responsible for the biggest internal investigation of a police department in recent history after proving her father’s death was part of a drug scandal involving other NYPD officers. This would also enter the existence of her first partner, the consistently reliable David Hill; whom could be considered the “Gold Standard” of NYPD Detectives. Fast forward three years, David and Cassie (32) have spent substantial time together, spearheading the face of NYPD Criminal Justice; the unstoppable pair, the modern age Paris & Helen, their great chemistry and flawless teamwork forced their notoriety sky high. Cassie felt somewhat connected to David whom she spent countless hours with, but also around his lovely wife Samantha. The death of David and Cassie came in the form of Samantha, a pile of luggage bags and a broken David who seemed to lose interest in everything except work after Samantha left. The progressive, slow loneliness came sure enough, and with it, a dark pit of space which wedged itself between the two detectives. The chemistry was severed, the teamwork stopped and soon enough Cassie filed for a transfer. Truth be told, she had ignored the many F.B.I. request letters that came throughout the years; David and her fulfilling career meant more than money and a bigger shield on her hip but, with David so disconnected, she felt that moving on was the natural next step. Leaving the Department as well as David was tense, she never told him she had transferred, he had simply shown up to work to find her desk empty; her badge an service pistol sitting on the captains desk.

[ Two years later... ]

“Detective Reagan?” The soft voice accompanied the tapping knock to Cassandra’s wooden door, the left handed brunette keeping her pen moving with her eyes down at the paperwork. “ You know you don’t have to knock Cooper....” Cassie said with a monotone playful voice. The redheaded secretary wore a soft smile as she entered and stepped to the side. “ Detective.. Hill is here to see you...” Cooper said with a blank face, ushering David in with a calm wave of her arm. For Cassie, the air in her throat halted, her pen stopping from its writing. She nearly panicked but decided to hide it all behind a blank expression of almost resentment. Behind the wall of annoyance and anger, she truly missed David but hated the way they ended things. She blamed him more than she wanted to admit, but stayed professionally courteous for the time being. Dropping her pen, she took a deep breath and ran her hands up her face gently; her hair being pulled back in a tight bun though a few fangs of hair fell to the side of her face. Lifting her green eyed gaze upward, she nodded to the redhead. “ Thank you Cooper..” she said, almost blank at the idea of Cooper strolling David in without warning. David was by now, a very decorated agent of the NY police force, which offered him amenities like showing up without introduction; Cassie didn’t mind as much as she looked like she did. The eye contact to David was forced, but she tried her best to seem civil.
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