— rules —



I have just a few rules.

. I want you to be passionate about our roleplay.
If either of us are not, we should probably change

. Things have to develop naturally. If our characters
don't connect.. They don't connect.

. I expect responses to have enough depth, thought,
emotion, and action to propel our story along. I am
not going to get all fussy about length. Quality over
quantity. But you should know, I try to write at least
a few paragraphs.

. My life is very busy. I'm studying at a University,
working almost 32 hours a week, and attempting to
maintain some resemblance of a social life. I roleplay
for fun on the side. I won't be able to respond every
day. Expect that. If that is a problem, I understand,
and we should probably not create something
together. I will expect that your life is busy too.

. We have to verbalize what we are both comfortable
with. Personally, I'm comfortable with dark content,
sexual themes, and swearing. But if you are not, I will
respect that. None of it is essential for me.

. I would like to have conversations between us
throughout the roleplay. I understand that we are playing
characters, but I think that discussing the plot, staying in
touch with how we feel things are going, and ultimately
building the story together, makes it all a lot more
meaningful and fun.
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