Paris's powers. (WIP.)

Note: Paris is partially inspired by Venom (Marvel comics), The Darkness (Wildstorm), and Shade the Changing Man (DC). He is in the tradition of all of these great characters, but I've intended him to be something else entirely.

Shadow Magic – Paris is able to perform a rare form of magic that allows him to cast magical (mana-based) spells and feats derived from shadows and darkness. His actual shadow will begin to visibly deplete on the wall as he drains mana from his internal reservoir. When his shadow is completely gone—i.e., his magic has run out—Paris will be unable to perform shadow magic until it regenerates, which can take up to a day and depends on things like diet, rest, and relaxation.

Shadow Manipulation – Paris can manipulate shadows--manifested as a dark, liquid form of magic (‘mana’) secreted through his pores--for various effects:

Shadow stealth – Paris can hide within the shadows of virtually any person, pending prevention or by magical or supernatural means. Similarly, once hiding in someone’s shadow, he can only be detected by magical or supernatural means.

However, because this technique is incredibly draining of magic, he can only do so for sixty seconds at a time, or he runs the risk of expending his entire reservoir of magic.

Mute footsteps – Paris is capable of cloaking his footsteps in shadows, muting noise as he does so. This makes him incredibly effective for sneak attacks. Each footstep requires a small use of magic to perform, giving him about five minutes at max capacity of mana to perform this move and remain undetected. Those who can sense magic are capable of detecting him.

Shadow creature conjuration (summon monsters) – For a variety of uses, Paris is able to manipulate shadows to mimic the appearance, and effects, of various animals, creatures, and demonic entities. The shadows will usually appear as a form of dark, flowing liquid (i.e., mana) surrounding his body and limbs, and usually mimic the appearance of a creature.

For example, shadows may manifest themselves as the head of a demon or dragon and emerge from around his arm. These conjured creations are capable of mimicking some actions of the creatures they’re imitating—for example, a dragon’s bite.

Flight – Paris can manipulate shadows into gargoyle-styled wings for purposes of flight.

Shadow Weaponry – Paris can form solid weapons from shadows such as maces, swords, and even defensive items such as shields. Each of these creations drains mana accordingly. They cannot be broken by a physical weapon unless it is enhanced to specifically affect magic-based items. (A ‘dispel magic’ spell would remove them entirely.)
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