Name: Fang

Race: Creature / Canine

Gender: Male

Age: 779

Physical Age: 27

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Diet: Carnivore

Communication Method(s): Telepathy in wolf or lycan form / Regular speech in lycan or human form

Fav Song : Selena Gomez - Wolves

Abilities: Shifter, can only shift to a lycan form or his wolf form. Can shift to human form again if the curse gets broken.

Specific powers: Enhanced stamina and strength, night vision, shadow magic, feral close combat, excrete a musk scent when aroused to enhance primal lust.

Likes: Feet, legs, girls in heat, full moon, long hair, woods and wilderness, meat, black coffee, whiskey, to breed, thunderstorms, animals, helping others in need, ...

Dislikes: Flies, hot weather and bright sun, dishonour and disloyalty, cows,...

Kinks: Bondage, dominance and to be dominated, rough, tender, feral , chains, whip, pet play, .

Origin background

Fang comes from the wilds beyond the wilderness and mountain ranges where many strange things roam the lands and where dark magic spreads like wildfire. It's because of this very dark magic that he got struck by a curse. Bitten by a huge wolf during a Blood Moon, turning him into one of them, cursing him with their essence and blessing him with their strength. With almost losing his mind when the feral shift happened, he lost his human form and shifted into a black wolf the size of a large Dire wolf.

Gaining new strength and all the traits of a wolf he also gained the power to shift to a lycan, while his human appearance and in a way, humanity too, has been lost for now. Fang started looking for ways to heal and maybe change back, hearing of a district where he might find someone who could help him break this curse and find his human self again.
Personality traits

Fang can come across as somewhat rash and impulsive at times, however; he only has his mate’s best interest in mind. At times mischievous and enjoys pulling little pranks here and there. He has also been known to get into all kinds of trouble all on his own, no matter which form he takes. Ultimately, Fang is a very confident being that is extremely protective. He can also be temperamental at times, and sometimes a little moody but usually doesn’t let his temperaments bother others unless they’re the cause of his brooding mood.
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