Rou's blog

Name: Rou
Last name: Transe
Age: 17
Sex: Female neko
Sexuality: Genderfluid
Body type: muscler
Hight: 5'9
Family: dead, except her brother ShaneTranse
Personality: Serious, aggressive, kind, brave, caring, naturally beautiful and funny. Can be nice too!
Appearance: Long half black and white hair ( right side is black left side white) silver eyes, coffee skin, long eyelashes, natural red lips, when pissed or mad, her white cat ears and tail will show. Her eyes would be purple in the neko form.
Outfit: Usually wears black or white hoodies, black shorts or jeans, leather jacket.
Favourite colour: gray, purple, black and white
Likes: dancing, singing, drawing, reading books, loves cats, casting spells, motorcycle and cars.
Dislikes: bullies, water, liers, silver, gold and cold weather.
Backstory: She has a younger brother named Shane. He means the whole world to Rou. Rou was different ever since she was born. She was born with black fire power. The fire is dangerous but when it's black; it is deadly. Her power can turn anyone or anything to dust! She likes her power but, she is trying to keep it under control. She never liked her father because he would abuse her and her brother.
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