How florida met america

Florida was adopted into a rich family household but this family just wanted her so they could use her since she was small bean at the time so she couldn't really tell her mom or dad no. Her two adopted siblings were nice to her so she was happy with that. But one night florida was happily watching tv with her older adopted sister when their dad came home drunk with his wife as well jessica aka florida's adopted sister knew what would happen so she tried her hardest to protect florida or as she named her adopted sister alyse just so she has a human name to be called by in public as only jessica knew that alyse was a very speical child. The father was abusive to all his kids but he was worst when he was drunk so florida didn't really know but knew that if her sister was caution around their father then she should be too. After their father beat them up jessica knew that alyse would be more hurt so jessica packed some stuff up and packed a lot of food into a backpack and took alyse/florida out of the house eventually telling alyse to just stay alive that she will have a much better life then being abused all the time. Florida was sadden to see jessica leave but knew it was for the best as she traveled all over the place until she came across a guy who looked like the america flag on his face with black shades. She was caution when she saw that he noticed her and walked towards her. Florida took off scared for her life. Eventually one day florida got sick due to not wearing winter clothes but that's when america saved her and healed her up good. From then on florida was on her way to becoming a state but she won't ever forget her adopted brother and sister who helped her get to where she is today.
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