1. I prefer literate roleplay.

2. Please don’t approach me with an initiated roleplay. I like to take things slow and plot. Or if you have one initiated, tell me before beginning. I'm fine with any plot/au.

3. Mature content is welcomed.

4. I get triggered by self-harm and rape, so none of those, please.

5. If we are in a relationship on this site, that is character to character, not admin to admin, unless, of course, that develops.

6. A relationship in messages is different from a relationship on my page. If my character is in a relationship, and mentioned on my bio, then that is my character’s main relationship, and will be the only one concerned on. Also, do not force me to engage in romance with you.

7. I apologise for late replies, my life is pretty rough and I’m a wreck.

8. Please please please, if my character starts self-harming, please tell me immediately. I tend to lose myself. Damn anxiety.

9. I’m a non-selective adder.

10. I like getting to know you in and out of roleplay!
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0 | Nov 9th 2019 02:31