If you do not enjoy the thought of even reading longer posts, I will not want you around especially if you are too lazy to make a starter. I want nothing to do with those who make me do all the work only to complain about how long it is. (Brown)

Do not approach with only hopes of romance in mind. You'll be removed. Will I try to be nice, romance rpers here aren't very mature and I'd rather not see a face throw a hissy fit because they can't kiss one imaginary character. (Purple)

My other account is here: www.roleplay.me/NurseHaru
If you did not get accepted there, you sure as heck not being accepted here. (Soulforce)

I do third person only, please do not approach me with first person. (Haru)

To ensure you are adding off actual interest and not just a cute face, here there is words in (). I would like to see these words in messages if you reply to my greeting or send me one. What I'd also like to see somewhere is the name of Faina's school and what her rival is called as well as what she uses in battle. They are all there. If you cannot name this, then you are adding off pics alone and I will delete you.

This is nulled when I add you as I'd only add people I believe can fallow rules. So if I add you, do not concern yourself with this.


Faina will not be alone. Overtime I'll add characters I enjoy. However I will not be a mcrp. They will make vague appearances depending on rp as friends of Faina.
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1 | Nov 8th 2019 12:41