Neo - the Arcane Technician

"I am Neo. I personify 'genius'"
That other Neo from the matrix is inferior to me. I am the Real Neo.

Gender: Male
Species: Asura (based on the Guild Wars universe) or human.
Age: Old enough

Neo specializes in combining fantasy with sci fi, magic with technology. He might try to experiment and run tests on anything and everyone.
If something works, Neo will break it open, probe it, dissect it, analyze it, put it back together backwards, flip it upside down, turn it on again, and learn how it works. But most importantly, he wants to know all about you.

Neo has a strong ego. He is proud of his ego and takes good care of it. But don't worry, he can be kind. He would rather prove his superiority than to force you to respect him.

You may find out in time, but what's important is that the future is way more exciting that the past. The mistakes don't matter, only the opportunities do.
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