☞ Forename| Surname ➼ Kayleigh | Unknown
☞ Forename meaning| Origin ➼ Keeper of the keys, pure | English
☞ Surname meaning| Origin ➼ Unknown | Unknown
☞ Alias| Reason ➼ Flawless Shadow| Name given by the once leader of the black lotus community upon her pass of initiation.
☞ Titles| Who by ➼ KC | Elliot Storm
☞ Date of birth| Where ➼ Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on] | England, United Kingdom
☞ Actual age| Age appearance ➼ Unknown | 20-25
☞ Previous location| Now location ➼ China | America

☞ Current occupation ➼ Learning to live within the real world
☞ Previous occupation | Description ➼ Assassin | When a name was handed over, at least one being would die. Each kill pulled off in a perfected, sophisticated way.
☞ Rank reached ➼ Leader
☞ Regrets ➼ Not dying when she was meant too
☞ Reason for joining | Reason for leaving ➼ Was taken in by a female name Jane after being found at deaths door on the side of the road, in the pouring down rain | Having killed the leader and taking over, she wanted to put a stop to all the heartache, the control, the threats, the assassination. Wanting to give everyone within the community a proper chance at life, wanting them to go back to their real lives, their real families. Of course, with a little help from a friend
☞ Kill tally | Torture tally ➼ 1028 | 16
☞ Favourite way to kill | Least Favourite way to kill ➼ Up close and personal | A gun
☞ Favourite way to torture | Least Favourite way to torture ➼ Pin point. 2cm thin needles inserted into the body; mainly veins. Once correctly sat, a poison is leaked into the blood which seizes all muscles. Leaving the victim unable to move. When hit in particular places, the needles will shoot out of the body. Typically, knees, chest, neck | Drowning

☞ Species| Gene ➼ Werewolf | Triggered
☞ When| How? ➼ Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on] | Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on]
☞ Sires| Dead or Alive ➼ Unable to sire
☞ Killed how| Who by ➼ Poison | Charles Edwards, once leader of the black lotus community
☞ Strength{s}| Weakness{es} ➼ No emotion, super strength, super speed, super agility, super senses, super durability, expertise is combat and weaponry, shadowing, immortality | A sapphire necklace, the gem itself containing a black pulsing mass that’s connected to her heart [For as long as the beat of her heart trapped with the rock keeps beating, she’ll forever live. The second it breaks or shatters, she dies], heart extraction, magic, drained of blood

☞ Eye shape| Colour ➼ | Caramel brown
☞ Hair style| Colour ➼ Curly, straight, up do | Chocolate brown
☞ Height| Weight ➼ 5'7¼ | 126lbs
☞ Body shape| Build ➼ Rectangle | Skim, muscly
☞ Make up| Attire ➼ Yes, rather light | Slim jeans, leather pants, light/fair/tight tops, vest tops, denim/leather/hoodie jackets. Will dress up if needs be. Silver mask at times.

☞ Sexuality| Status ➼ Straight | Single
☞ Who with| When ➼ ----
☞ Past relationships| Feelings still ➼ Has never been in a relationship, nor has she ever shared a bed with a man
☞ Easy to get with?| Settler? ➼ No | No

☞ Mother| Father ➼ Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on] | Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on]
☞ Sister| Brother ➼ Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on] | Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on]
☞ Aunts| Uncles ➼ Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on] | Unknown [Will be revealed as her story goes on]
☞ Daughter| Son ➼ None [Decision?] | None [Decision?]
☞ Granddaughter| Grandson ➼ Unclear future | Unclear future

☞ Positive traits| Between traits| Negative traits ➼ Perfectionist, loyal, efficient, determined, reliable | Blunt, unpredictable, strict, nihilistic, secretive, stubborn, impulsive | Maniacal, impatient, malicious, sadistic, deadly, cold,
☞ Fear level| Confidence level ➼ 1 | 10
☞ Bitch level| Kind level ➼ 10 | 0
☞ Likes | Dislikes ➼ Truth, facts, being right | Dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people
☞ Description ➼ She has an all-or-nothing approach. It’s either does everything well, or she doesn't don’t do it at all. Everything in between is a no-go. It’s all about the end result. She don’t care what happens in between or what it takes to achieve the goal. She just want to ensure that the end result is attained; otherwise she'd feel annoyed, devastated. As, whenever something goes wrong, she becomes really hard on herself. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to her own fault or just one small thing — she's always quick to beat yourself up and can feel extremely bad about a mistake for a long, long while. She procrastinates just to do something at the “right” moment. She's constantly waiting for the “right” moment to work on her goals. She only want to start when she’s “ready,” so as to deliver your best quality of work. She often spends copious amounts of time just to perfect something. Perfection is the end goal. It’s not uncommon for her to sacrifice her sleep, personal time, and well-being, just to bring her work to the highest level. To her, it is all part of achieving her goal. There is no room for mistakes.
[More to be written]

☞ Least Favourite food{s} | Favourite food{s} ➼ Rice, vegetables | Chicken, chips[fries]
☞ Least favourite drink{s} | Favourite drink{s} ➼ Soda | Milk
☞ Least favourite colour{s} | Favourite colour{s} ➼ Yellow | Black, red, blue
☞ Least favourite activities| Favourite activities ➼ Sitting down | Physical activities, combat training, weaponry training
☞ Least favourite animal{s} | Favourite animal{s} ➼ Rabbit | Phoenix
☞ Least favourite sport{s} | Favourite sport{s} ➼ Unknown | Combat, fighting

☞ History
1994 – 1999 ➼
2000 ➼ Killed 7, tortured zero. Kills made in England and Scotland.
2001 ➼ Killed 12, tortured 1. Kills made in England, Scotland, Wales.
2002 ➼ Killed 29, tortured zero. Kills made in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland.
2003 ➼ Killed 37, tortured 2. Kills made in England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Ireland.
2004 ➼ Killed 39, tortured 1. Kills made in England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Ireland. She challenged the leader to the rules and was sentenced to a week in the torture chamber.
2005 ➼ Killed 62, tortured zero. Kills made in United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy. Having reached the age of 11, she was ranked up and given her passport, allowing her to travel outside of the United Kingdom with a chaperone, though only to the east.
2006 ➼ Killed 53, tortured 3. Kills made in United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, Japan.
2007 ➼ Killed 51, tortured 3. Kills made in United Kingdom, China, France.
2008 ➼ Killed 69, tortured 2. Kills made in Spain, Germany, Portugal.
2009 ➼ Killed 56, tortured 1. Kills made in United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, Canada. Before her upcoming 16th birthday the year after, she ranked up once again and was able to travel the entire world with a chaperone.
2010 ➼ Killed 81, tortured 2. Kills made in United Kingdom, America, Spain. First kill in America was a middle aged businessman who had ties with the local police. During the assassination, her chaperone got held up leading Kayleigh to take a bullet to her right should, but still carried out her mission.
2011 ➼ Killed 86, tortured 1. Kills made in United Kingdom, America, China, Spain, France.
2012 ➼ Killed 86, tortured zero. Kills made in United Kingdom, Germany, India. Reaching her 18th birthday, it meant that she was ranked up to professional. Now able to carry out missions on her own. Her first mission was during this time was in Germany, a female that had fraudulently taken over a company and within the prices ad 3 people killed.
2013 ➼ Killed 72, tortured 2. Kills made in United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada, America.
2014 ➼ Killed 89, tortured zero. Kills made in America, Spain, France, China. Ranked up to the very top, become an Elite assassin. High demand began to roll in.
2015 ➼ Killed 109, tortured 1. Kills made in United Kingdom, America, China, Spain, Japan, India, Russia.
2016 ➼ Killed 89, tortured zero. Kills made in America, China, Asia, Canada, Spain, France, United Kingdom.
2017 ➼ In January, she was given a mission in America to take a male vampire by the name of Elliott out. On reaching the location and coming in front of the male, she did everything she could in order to kill him but the male always seemed one step ahead of her. After week and no success but a thorough talking too, she returned back to the United Kingdom. Due to her failure, she returned to find out that the woman who had brought been to the community, raised her and chaperoned her was killed by the leader. In pure rage, she headed to the dome in order to talk to the leader, except, she was shot with dart tranquilizers and woke up in the torture chamber. From then on, the torture came everyday. Her leg broken, only to be repositioned at night for it to broke again the next morning. Lava chains across her bare back. Ice injected into her muscles.
2018 ➼ The torture continued. Not one second of daylight was seen. Tortured, fed, watered, tortured, fed, allowed to sleep.
2019 ➼ In January, she was kept out by a male who had stood by the leaders side for years. Hidden for a week to recover, she spent it well. Until, she was able and ready to take in the leader. The fight itself lasted for 2 hours, the leader killed and Kayleigh left with significant injuries. Alas, the she wolf healed completely within two days, took charge and immediately disbanded the assassin organisation as she then called it. The community kept as those that were in it had become some form of family. Only with that settle, she left the United Kingdom and headed to America to take a male up on am offer that she couldn’t refuse.

☞ Silent confession ➼ “My greatest strength is my wolf, yet, it’s too my greatest weakness. Having entered the community as an unknown being came with it's consequences. Within a year of my arrival, the unknown was brought to life. I had carried out my first kill. As the moon sat complete in the sky, my body took it’s first natural transformation. However, all I remember when I woke up was the pain. Not the pain of the transformation, but, the pain of the whip that collided with force against my bare back.. I should have been used to it. It was not like it was the first time, the scars by back carry prove it.. I was young.. So young.. Four days it went on. I had slaughtered four assassins, injured four and brought panic to the community, they were punishing me. Trying to rid the monster that was inside of me... The same happened the second.. Fortunately, there was no third time, alas, two days prior to the full moon, I would be chained up, with nailed shackles on both my wrists and ankles. Locked in a completely enclosed room with walls filled of spikes... Only two days later was I ever released... Anyway.. With that not punishable with being free.. My weakness stands, I could dare death straight in the eyes at any point, but, I can’t bare the thought of transforming and becoming that uncontrollable monster. I lose all my self control.. I fear my inner wolf and it knows it...”

☞ Miscellaneous
☞ She plays the violin. She unknowingly portrays her emotions though the music she produces.
☞ She speak several different languages. English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese
☞ She is completely new to the regular world. Only used to the community's rules and guidelines, killing to live.
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