Oc : Alessio

[ Alessio Smith ]

☆ Name Information ☆

Full Name: Alessio Smith
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle/middle names and last): Uh-lease-e-o
Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Mr/Sir
Nickname(s): None

☆ Personal Information ☆

Sex: Male
Race/species: Native Canadian
Age: 17-20
Orientation/Sexual preference: Bisexual , leans towards males.

☆ Appearence ☆

Weight: 131lbs
Age: 17-20

Eye color(s): Hazel
Contacts?: None
Glasses?: Black glasses , small frames.

Describe their eyes: Light Hazel
Describe their nose: medium nose , but cute.
Describe their lips: soft and tender

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): slim and slender
Hair color(s): Dark brown
Hair length: Short / Medium

Complexion: Freckles
Scars: Cuts on his wrist
Birthmarks(and what they are/were): none
Tattoos(what they are and where): three lines on his wrist
Piercings(what they are and where): none

☆ Current Health ☆

Mental state: Sad , but acts happy.
Personality snapshot: Caring
(optional)In depth personality: Alessio is a caring person , but has personal issues in his life. As a kid , he was always bullied for not being good enough for anything , so he often sat alone. Growing up alone had an impact on Alessio ; he started to drink and get into drugs. In middle school , Alessio lost weight and everyone started to like him.
Most prominent personality trait: shy
Best traits of their personality: Caring , helpful, loving.
Worst traits of their personality: shy , fear , anxiety.

☆ Current... ☆

Current faith(religion): none
Current superstitions/quirks: none
Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): single
Occupation: none at the time

☆ Optional ☆

Special skills(Not meaning powers): writing fast , but neatly.
Hobbies: playing instruments and singing.

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