Characters - Sleepy Ash

Yes, this character is a genderbend of Kuro from Servamps.

Name: Kuro.
Age: N/A
Height: 5'9
Species: Part Vampire part ???
Nickname: Sleepy Ash or Sloth.

Sleepy Ash is the oldest of 9 other servamps, the other 8 already have an Eve, While Sleepy Ash does not. An Eve is the "master" of a Servamp. They are the one who gives the Servamp a name and also gives them a personal present. After that is done, the Servamp is bound to their Eve and can't separate too far from them.
When Sleepy Ash is exposed to daylight, she turns into a black cat.

By giving Sleepy Ash a name and a cat bell, and then calling her by her given name, her former Eve became her master. The contract is finalized once Sleepy Ash drinks his blood, making her the former eve's vampire servant known as a "Servamp"

Being the Servamp of Sloth, Kuro spends her time sleeping, lazing around or playing video games. She feels no shame in running away to avoid any trouble and refuses to make decisions, since she doesn't want anything to be her fault, and doesn't want to disappoint anyone. Kuro is a 'shut in' pacifist vampire, and rarely drank her former Eve's blood, most of the time she refuses and drinks only when she is about to fight. She prefers staying at home rather than going out and seems to dislike the changes of temperature, according to her vampires are delicate to this.

Despite her lazy and at times comical nature (comical due to her laziness and arguments with her former Eve), she is shown to have a dark side. This is shown whenever anyone try to bring up her past that involves her killing the creator of Servamps. The mere mention of her past is enough to make Sleepy Ash, who is usually nonchalant, to become aggressive. She views herself as a monster, a fact that she dislikes, which caused her to refuse finding out more about her own race as it'll prove further how much of a monster she and her siblings are. She also refuse to turn any humans into vampires to make them her subclass, saying that they probably didn't want to become vampires, and that vampires shouldn't even exist. (Servamps have an ability to change a human into a vampire by making a dying human drink their blood. This vampire is called a Subclass. Similarly to how a Servamp is bound to obey their Eve, a subclass is bound to obey the Servamp who changed them.)

Her former Eve's straightforwardness and sincerity started to influence Sleep Ash though she always hides it by feigning being uninterested and lazy as always. After her former eve confronted her in her mind regarding her past actions and assured her she is not alone, Kuro decides to stop running away and face her past, since then she has become more willing to fight.

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