Another OC.. finally!

Selena Mara Beaumont

I apologize in advance. Her details may not quite make sense, because I have not had the time to spend hours on ensuring that it makes sense. Once the summer holidays roll around I'll clean her bio up a bit, but for now I hope you enioy at the very least the concept and general idea that I have for her. Thank you for being so patient :)

She goes by few nicknames, the more commonly used is Mara.

Gender ➺ Female

Sexuality ➺ Bisexual

Age ➺ 20+
This may change to fit the role-play appropriately.

Standing Height ➺ 5'2"

Hair ➺ Dark brown with lighter, sunbleached ends and streaks.

Eyes ➺ Smokey blue, with much darker accents.

Weight ➺ 101lbs.

Bodily 'Accessories' ➺ She owns no scars, but a single tattoo. On her inner left wrist, her middle name is written in deep, red ink. The print is small, the while word no bigger than her thumb. She often has bruises covering her body, some bite marks and some scratches sparsely exist as well. She has no peircings on her ears, or anywhere on her body but the one on her nose.

She never met her mother since she was born, so is unaware of her wellbeing, but has met her father on few occasions.
Sibling(s) ➺ She has many siblings, but does not know their names or faces.

Occupation ➺ Photojournalism for a popular news blog.

The following details may be altered to fit the role-play appropriately.

Selena is attached to the demon Mara. Essentially, she is his henchwoman. Her 'purpose', similarly to the others of her kind, is to study the humans. She inspects every one of them that she interacts with, and keeps a careful eye on their responses to all situations. She reports this information to Mara fortnightly, in letters written with a particular pen that contains a particular ink.

Selena has a particular ability; manipulation of the mind. She can make people and animals see and feel things that aren't really there. She uses this to her advantage to manipulate situations to trigger particular responses.

Emotions are something that Selena has always disliked. She despises the way they affect her; making her want to do good by the humans. She forces herself to stand back and watch as an accident she, herself, created, for the soul purpose of watching the responses of the humans. She wishes she could love, care about people the way they do eachother, but is afraid that it will be dangerous, for her, and for the people she wishes to protect.

If she is unable to provide enough information, Selena is punished. In her sleep, her body develops minor injuries. Bruises, scratches, bute marks. Some deeper than others, depending on how little she has provided.

There are others of her kind; demon henchmen. She knows their names, their faces, their voices, but not them, personally. It is forbidden that the henchmen communicate, as it could potentially be dangerous. Some religions have began gathering clues, narrowing down to individuals that may have unholy intentions.
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