Edward Nygma custom bio

((Note: not everything here is actually canon. Much of the information I needed I couldn’t find or doesn’t exist. So I’m making stuff up as I go. This information is not to be taking as canon, and does not reflect every other Riddler out there.))

Name: Edward Nygma. (Formerly Edward Nashton)

Age: Around 29- 35 depending on the setting of said RP

hair color: Red. (Has been known to dye it in the past and change up his hair styles.)

Hair (Style): usually kept neat and styled with a majority of it combed back with some hair falling around his face to frame it. God awful sideburns.

Eye color: Deep green

Skin tone/other features: Pale and freckled.

Height: 6’ 7”

Heritage: Irish on his father’s side, and French on his mother’s

-Nancy Boucher (mother)
-Joseph Nashton (father)
- Katty Nashton (younger sister)

Sexuality: Bisexual. (No real preference, so long as they’re intelligent.)

Preference in partner: They must be intelligent and must hold his interest. Edward doesn't have time for those who are neither, and there is little that can change his mind once he makes up his mind.

Disorders: Obsessive compulsive disorder, Manic depression, mild narcissistic personality disorder, Post traumatic stress disorder

Coping mechanisms: Due to his traumatic past, Edward has developed a tick where he will fiddle with a handkerchief he keeps in his pants pocket. This can be replaced by a pocket watch or anything that he finds particularly soothing to hold.
He has also been known to use riddles to keep himself grounded and stave off his anxiety attacks and manic episodes.
Gloves are also a major part of the display, as he is keenly aware of the type of material he’s wearing, and it will affect his work. A certain kind of glove will always be worn.
Cleaning has been observed in Arkham to calm him.
Question marks as well seem to sooth his mind. The act of crafting them in whatever form has been shown to sooth his mind if for a short while until the thoughts start acting up again and he needs to stop.

Past: Edward was born to a Nancy Boucher and Joseph Nashton, Edward was a quiet child if not highly inquisitive. He would often ask many questions, which, would result in his father often times becoming unruly while his mother stood by and allowed his father to ‘shape’ Edward. This would stick with Edward, and the torment under his father’s heel would continue until he found a way to separate later in life.
His journey into his intelligence would start in grade school, when he would find solace in taking in as much information as he could to further challenge himself. While this resulted in his being looked down on, this would spur what would later become his lifelong obsession. Knowledge was power, and power would ensure that he would never be harmed again. So, when a contest rolled around of the intellectual variety (A simple task of solving a puzzle in a certain amount of time) Edward would become convinced that winning would mean and end to his father’s physical and mental abuse. So, he would promptly break into the school the night before the contest, and would spend hours on end taking apart the puzzle and putting it together again until he could solve it in under a minute. needless to say, he succeeded, however, this did not mark the end of his torment. Rather, it meant he would deal with not only his father (whom had declared him a liar and a cheat) but now he also faced the other school children.
Edward would leave his hometown in Virginia before he would find his way to Gotham, where he would spend his time casually dabbling in academics. Gaining degrees in computer sciences, forensics, and a small handful of others. He, however, would always view academics as a waste of time. He would only partake on the most basic level, complete the course and then self teach himself whatever else he would need to know.
Shortly after his arrival to Gotham, Edward would slowly descend into criminal activity. His obsessive compulsive behaviors would pave the way for Edward to slowly become what we know now, as the Riddler. Taking up antagonizing others for his own gain and filling the void he felt in his being with riddles and puzzles.
During his time, he would learn to work with machines and technology, building his own tech in order to combat rivals in the field and the Bat, whom had become a thorn in his side. Generally speaking, Ed would keep to himself otherwise. He’d form a bond with a few rogues, including Jonathan Crane, Oswald Cobblepot, and Selina Kyle. Though, none of those would really ensure that Ed wouldn’t act on his behalf. bond or no, he was in it for himself.
This was never more displayed than when a girl claiming to be his daughter appeared. Needless to say, while the girl wasn’t his blood, she was treated as such for a time to benefit him. The moment she ‘failed’ him, he quickly dispatched her life, and that was the end of that. He never spoke of her at length, and he never brought it up after that fact. It was simply a chapter in his life, that he discarded to better his career.

Crimes (MO): Edward Nygma is an interesting situation as riddles will always accompany his crimes, however he’s very capable of functioning without them.
Riddles are hardly given out of malice, rather, to stabilize his mind enough to get the deed done. It also plays a role in his theatrics, which is a major part of his crimes.
Not every crime is accompanied by a riddle, but every crime is dramatic.

Notable characters:
?- Echo and Query: on and off henchwomen Ed employs. They have the most freedoms out of all the people under Ed's employment save for his right hand.
¿- Ghost: A young girl Ed took under his win in arkham. Easily his most trusted henchwoman and his right hand. She boasts ghostly powers that make her a valuable asset to him.
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